Google Home italiano

Sono disponibili su Google Store, e presso tutti i rivenditori autorizzati, i nuovi speaker audio creati da Google che integrano l’assistente vocale, che ora parla anche in italiano.

Se ultimamente avevate intenzione di acquistare uno speaker bluetooth per la vostra casa, potreste trovare molto più utile e funzionale il nuovo Google Home, il primo smart speaker con controllo vocale di Google, oppure la sua variante Mini, versione più piccola e compatta perfetta per ogni stanza della casa. Google Home e Google Home Mini sintetizzano la filosofia con cui Google ha progettato il proprio hardware: soluzioni semplici che siano funzionali ogni qualvolta c’è bisogno, ma discrete quando non sono richieste; soluzioni altamente tecnologiche, le cui forme e materiali si adattano a voi, al vostro stile di vita e al vostro ambiente.

Google Italian home

Google Home  is a real assistant for the home. It has the integrated Google Assistant, so you can help yourself in the countless activities of your day: start by saying “Ok Google” and you can spend more time at home relaxing. And of course Google Assistant is constantly improving, so Google Home will automatically update itself over time with new features.

Google Home has been designed to deliver amazing sound. Its intelligent audio design includes a built-in long-excursion speaker that delivers crystal-clear high tones and deep bass for a high-fidelity sound that is streamed via Wi-Fi. Microphones and the sophisticated processing of the natural language of Google.

Google Enters Home Italy together with Google Home Min i , Which makes the Google Assistant more accessible than ever at home: its small and compact size makes it perfect for every room in the house. It is elegant and straightforward, without edges or edges, and retains all the features of Google. It works alone or you can have some around the house, so you can have the music in your room. In Italy it is available in light gray, anthracite gray and coral. 

The Google world within reach.

Google The Google Home Search for real-time answers to your curiosities. Ask Google Home to translate sentences into another language, perform simple mathematical calculations, obtain nutritional information, and measure unit conversions. And if you’re getting ready for the day, you can get the latest information on weather, traffic, finance, news, sports when you need it. In practice, the whole world Google within reach of voice.

 Enjoy music, radio and news.

 With a simple voice command you can play tracks, playlists, artists and albums from the most popular music services, such as Google Play Music and Spotify. You can also listen to the radio through the TuneIn partner and the news from the news services available at the moment – Corriere della Sera, Rep from the Republic, RMC, RTL 102.5, Sky Tg24, Sky Sports, TGCOM24 – and many other services that will be integrated over time and transmit audio streaming over Wi-Fi from your phone to Google Home with one of the   Chromecas t compatible audio apps  .And if you have multiple Google Home and Chromecast Audio or Chromecast speakers, you can listen to the same melody in the house or group devices with the multi-room function.

Simplify your daily activities.

With your consent, Google makes available to you the information that is most useful to you. You can easily get information about your next trip, your schedule. As well as information about your day. To the top of the day, from the weather conditions, to the daily journey to events on the calendar available. If you need to wake up in the morning, set the timers in the kitchen and keep track of your shopping list.

 Your smart home, without moving a finger.
 With the Google Home family, you can control devices in the home using voice commands. You can play and control speakers that have a connected Chromecast Audio device or integrated Chromecast. TV with connected or integrated Chromecast. YouTube and Netflix, to which other content providers will be added over time. Google Home also lets you control lights and switches from home automation systems like Philips Hue, TP Link, D Link, LIFX, and Wemo, soon to be joined by Nest thermostats and other partners.

Google Home  and  Google Home  from € 27, 2018 on Google Store and at the authorized dealers, including Unieuro, Mediaworld, Euronics, and from April 3 at the Wind stores and 3 .


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